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- Our Story -

Way back when I was a child, my memories from the 
Cafe's in Italy are still vivid.


They weren't institutions people had to ring and book...
they were a welcoming meeting place, a place filled with conversation,

laughter and friends coming together each day for a chat & coffee.


People swapped notes, stories and maybe even a few tales!

They spent quality time together, even if just a few minutes.


This is my vision & passion for Caffe DeCarlo.

A meeting place, a place you can always feel welcome to 
meet friends or have a laugh with me or my staff.


After running Cafe De Carlo for 12 years, I feel proud that
our Coffee, is a stunning textured blend, full of flavour.
But above all...  it's reliable!


We are a small family owned business and you will often

see me with the family shopping at the local markets or butcher,  
buying hand picked produce for our menu, or our children

filling up the sugar containers. And its not uncommon to see Mum

baking her finest cakes or cookies in the kitchen.


A local community needs a place to be, meet, to share and to call home!

Welcome to Cafe De Carlo

We hope you enjoy your visit!


Pete & Carly!

“My Breakfast Hotdogs!” 

 -   By Pete  -



“Forget the motherland - The best Italian
food & Coffee right here in Goolwa.”

-  Food for Thought  -



“If Pasta could sing!”

-  Eating Out  -

* * * 
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